Employee Benefits :

Garrison Securitas Limited provide diffrent benefits to their employee . Some are :

» Garrison Securitas Limited will enhance your campus by special services by time to time, with their smart uniform, alertness & help in establishing good customer
» Help in prevention of theft / damage to property & will function as a profit centre instead of cost centre.
» Employee discipline will improve, thus improve productivity.
» Quality and cost effective House keeping/ Horticulture services.
» ESI, PF and other statutory requirements will be taken care of by Garrison Securitas Limited.

We have on board a team of, learned academicians and experienced professionals, whose valuable advice gives us an edge over our competitors. Our teams of experienced professionals work on and provide a wide range of training and development services. Our trainers are not tied down to just one training methodology, they use a whole range of training techniques, including formal inputs, indoor and outdoor experiential activities