Manpower Services :

  Tecnical Manpower Services :

1.Data Entery Operator
2.Office Executive
3.Office Assistant
4.Front Desk Executive
5.Senior Clerk
6. Accountant
7.Computer Operator 8. Drivers, •
9. Teachers
11. tubewell operator
12. And Other Assistants Posts

Non Tecnical Manpower Services

Garrison Securitas Limited is also providing the non technical manpower to the different organisation of private sector , state government , centeral govt., PSU, Semi government sectors as per the demand or tendering process With demanding business objectives, getting efficient non technical manpower recruiters for your organization is not a simple task. since the concept of globalization has come into effect, the increase in the overall scope of work. Finding the right kind of non technical people with specified requires a lot of time and resources. However, Garrison Securitas Limited has been successful in adding several valuable human resources to many reputed organizations.
some of our non technical manpower are as follows
1.Poultery labour
2.Multi tasking staff
3.Helpers for industrial and non industrial perpose
5.Care Takers
7. ward boys for hospital