Our Services :

We have an experienced team of professionals, who are well trained in different areas of guarding services, where they are required to perform. Our professionals undergo intensive training regimes to endow them with the ability to handle all manners of emergencies and contingencies. All our team members are manned by a group of retired Army, Air Force , Naval and civil officers. Our team is also provided with the required facilities, to work contentedly and with ease.

We keep an eye on the daily activities of our professionals and their day-to-day activities so that they execute their activities with complete discipline and competency. Laying strong emphasis on selection, training and recruitment of security staff, we ensure that our client's security is in the right hands. We also work in coordination with our clients to make sure that the quality of our services is unmatched.

»  Industrial Security
»   Bank Security
»   Event Security
»  Retail Security
»   Security of Residential Colonies
»   Hotel Security
»   Institutional Security
»   Security of Commercial Establishments