Why Us :

"HR" is the most invaluable asset in any organization; hiring the right candidate is vital to organizational reputation and growth. Many of the MNCs and other reputed companies feel comfortable dealing with organizations WHERE PROPER EMPLOYEE SCREENING AND VERIFICATION PROCEDURES ARE CARRIED OUT BY PROFESSIONALS.

»   Indian corporates are now getting alive to the fact that pre-employment screening is a ‘must’ not only for organizational growth but also for internal
  efficiency and external reputation.

»   Inculcation of ethical working ethos inside an organization has its stating point in correct pre-employment verification and screening.

»  Thorough pre and post employment screening of employees, dealing with sensitive data and tasks, is vital for obtaining and retaining the trust of clients,
 particularly MNCs. Our USP is the continuation of the pre employment verification to the post employment stage, in a seamless and professional manner.

»  To effectively manage risks in the workplace and to limit liability, pre-employment screening is a well-tested method.

»  "Lifestyle Mapping", combined with thorough screening, sends a clear message across the organization that integrity, confidentiality and dependability are vital parameters in the organizational ethos.

»  Reduces unnecessary load on HR dept. by weeding-out resumés with false, exaggerated or fraudulent information. These HR-Connects are important parts of our services.

We, as Professionals, believe that in keeping with our motto, "Verification By Professionals", our “Actions should Speak Louder than Words".