Our Services:

Industrial Security

Garrison Securitas Limited provides Security Guards for the guarding of your Industrial Property. Our Security Guards Personnel are fully trained to offer you best quality Industrial Security Services. Associate with us for exceptional industrial security guards, best industrial security officer, fool proof security for industries and give us a chance to serve you better.In almost all types of industries like healthcare, hospitality, software, media etc, there is a need for personal security guards for enterprisers, bouncers for wrong entry protection, escorts for employees who travel on site, gate guards to protect the building etc. All of such needs will be fulfilled at one single place, which is Secura, the one and only hub for efficient, trained, qualified, groomed, attentive, and alert security guards.

Bank Security

Our Bank Security Service also includes gunman security guards who are placed at entry and other vulnerable points. We investigate into insurance claims, assets with evidence, carry out tracing of missing creditors. We have a close liaison with the civil police. Also we have a large strength of ex-servicemen on our strength.

Event Security :

We make special security arrangements for specific events by sensible combination of electronic gadgetry and security personnel. We also make use of computerized systems for coordination and control to ensure that the event goes on smoothly.
We provide our services to make security arrangements for the following: »Beauty concerts
» Sports
» Marriages
» Auctions

Retail Security

Do you require professional retail security services which give you peace of mind? Do you need retail security officers who are experienced, friendly, approachable and yet discreet?. At Garrison Securitas Limited, we provide a wide range of professional services to the retail sector, from retail security officers and mystery shoppers, to store detectives and undercover internal reporters.

Security of Residential Colonies

This service is concerned primarily with security of residential complexes and societies.

Hotel Security

Garrison Securitas Limited Provides Trained Security Guards for Hotels . Our Services from small guest houses, frm houses to five star hotel networks. Our security guards are trained before they have been placed. Garrison Securitas Limited Security guards are disceplined and well suited for hospitality sectors.

Institutional Security

Hospitals, colleges and universities have special security needs. At such locations, large numbers of people come and go, pursuing a many different purposes. Security services personnel, therefore, must be correspondingly adaptable — ready to respond at a moment’s notice to changing and, at times, unpredictable circumstances.

Security of Commercial Establishments

Garrison Securitas Limited will meet your custom security objectives by understanding your corporate culture and providing market-specific commercial security services.